Wii Games Zapper – How to Get the Most Out of Your Wii Zapper

The Wii Zapper is simply a shell that goes around your Wii remote allowing you to use it like you would a gun. It took Nintendo a while to cotton onto this seemingly simple idea, because it doesn’t actually require any new hardware, just a casing in the same way the Mario Kart wheel is used parasites cleanse for sale .

So what Nintendo Wii games zapper are there? Well, only five games at the moment use the zapper and they are:

– Ghost Squad

– The House of the Dead

– Link’s Crossbow training

– Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

– Resident Evil: The umbrella chronicles

The Zapper originally more resembled a shotgun, but the final release version was changed to look more like a sub machine gun. While the list of games you can officially use the zapper for may be quite small, it is still a worthy addition to your wii games collection simply because you can use it on other games as it is only a shell. All shooting games, including in mini games like Wii Play should be enhanced by the Zapper add on.

So the Zapper add-on takes the Wii’s motion sensing capabilities and enhances them by creating a more realistic gun feel. While the number of games for it is limited at the moment, legal online download sites have a much wider range of game available for a much smaller price than stores, so if you are looking for more games to use your zapper with you could try looking there. The zapper is just one of the available shells for the Wii remote. Others include the steering wheel.

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